Tax Day & Child Care Contribution Reminder

Tax Day Reminder - April 15, 2024

The filing and payment deadline for most 2024 filers is around the corner.

You may pay individual, estimated, corporate, and business taxes securely online using myVTax ( A login account for myVTax is not required to make payments. However, if you regularly make estimated tax payments, you may find a myVTax account a real-time-saver.

Check out the myVTax how-to video playlist to learn how to make payments ( and complete other important tasks using myVTax.

Filing Extensions

If you are granted a federal extension, it automatically applies in Vermont. However, extensions do not apply to Vermont's Homestead Declaration and Property Tax Credit Claim. An extension to file an income tax return does not extend the time to pay any tax owed. Pay income tax for Tax Year 2023 by April 15, 2024. Income Tax returns filed on extension are due October 15, 2024.

For more information about filing a request for a Vermont extension if you are not filing a federal extension, please see:


Vermont Child Care Contribution Begins July 1, 2024

The Department has produced a video and guide outlining the Child Care Contribution (CCC) and what employers need to decide before July 1.

The reporting and remittance of this new payroll and self-employment income tax will begin on July 1, 2024.

Child Care Contribution Webinar Series

To help you understand your responsibilities and answer questions regarding the new tax and its purpose, the Vermont Department of Taxes is inviting you to a webinar series.

Tax professionals are especially encouraged to participate in both webinars, as your expertise will enrich our discussions and provide valuable insights for all attendees.

The Child Care Contribution for Self-Employed Individuals

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 – 11:00 AM EST

Register for the Self-Employed Individuals Webinar


The Child Care Contribution for Employers

Tuesday, May 21, 2024 – 1:00 PM EST

Register for the CCC Employer Webinar


Claiming Tax Credit without SSN or ITIN

The Vermont Child Tax Credit and Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit are now available to all qualifying Vermont residents regardless of whether they, their spouse, or their qualified dependents have a Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

Visit Claiming Credits with No SSN or ITIN | Department of Taxes (tax, for more information about filing for the Vermont Child Tax Credit and the Vermont Earned Income Tax Credit.


2024 Fall Tax Symposium

The 2024 Fall Tax Symposium, hosted by the Vermont Department of Taxes, will occur on Tuesday, October 22, 2024. This event is designed to help Tax Professionals learn about important changes and prepare for the upcoming tax season. More details, including registration information, will be available this summer.


Protect Your Identity

Keep your Social Security Number (SSN) safe - it is valuable information that criminals can use to commit many types of fraud. Criminals often try to trick you by calling, texting, or emailing you and pretending to be from the IRS, Social Security Administration, a bank, a utility company, or another type of business. They will falsely claim there has been some fraudulent activity related to your SSN or account and often threaten immediate arrest or account shutdown. By creating a sense of panic, they hope to lower your defenses. They may ask you to call a special number or press “1” to speak to someone who can “help” you. Do not fall for these tricks. Protect your personal information and be aware of these scams. 

  • If you get a call of this nature, don't say anything. Just hang up. Do not respond to text messages or emails or click on any links. Delete them.
  • Keep in mind that the Vermont Department of Taxes, IRS, and other government agencies never call you unless you request it first. They always initiate communications by mail.

To learn how to recognize scam calls, visit the Consumer Assistance Program of the Vermont Attorney General ( This website offers resources for individuals and businesses and Vermont's Top Ten Scams of 2023 ( You can also read this article about bank impersonation from the AARP (


Free File and Free Tax Preparation Help

If your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) was $79,000 or less in 2023, you may qualify for free filing. The Tax Department website lists five different free file vendor options: the Free File page ( Folks who usually do not file taxes should consider filing to receive Federal and State tax credits. 

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) programs offer free tax filing help to those with incomes below $64,000, those with disabilities, older adults, and people with limited English. Learn about these services at our Free Tax Preparation Assistance page (


How to Amend a Return

If you need to amend your Vermont tax return, use form IN-111, Vermont Income Tax Return (, to file. Most filing software does not support filing amended taxes, so you’ll likely have to file those by paper. Be sure to check the “Amended” check box. Note that if you filed an amended Federal Tax return, you need to submit an amended Vermont Tax Return within 180 days of filing the Federal return. If you received a “Notice of Change” from the IRS, you’re required to also file an amended Federal and Vermont return.

When filing the IN-111, you’ll need to include all schedules submitted with your original return, W-2s, and 1099s, even if the information has not changed. If you need to amend a Homestead Declaration or Property Tax Credit Claim (, you may amend the household income on Schedule HI-144 and the value for house site value, education tax, municipal tax, and ownership percentage on the HS-122 within three years of the April filing deadline. 


Trainings for Municipal Officials

The Division of Property Valuation and Review (PVR) offers free certification and general education opportunities for listers, assessors, and other municipal employees throughout the year. Subjects include working with myVTax municipal accounts, VTPIE, and good practices. Trainings are recorded. Register for training sessions and view previously recorded training videos on the Vermont Department of Taxes Municipal Officials page (


Need help?

If you have questions about your return, myVTax account, or other tax-related matters, you can schedule a call with a tax examiner, a virtual appointment, or an in-person meeting at the Vermont Department of Taxes building.

Call (802) 828-2655 or toll-free in Vermont at (866) 828-2865. Call Center hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 7:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. EST.

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