State of Vermont Requests Help to Support Growing Electric Vehicle Charging Needs

Close up of an electric vehicle charging port with charging cable attached. The car is on a city street with a sidewalk and trees in the background.

With the growing number of electric vehicles on the road, the State of Vermont is working proactively to find more locations for charging stations. In partnership with Drive Electric Vermont, the State is seeking to identify property and business owners interested in supporting plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charging or providing services associated with the installation and management of charging.

Those interested in partnering with the State can fill out a survey at to offer their collaboration. The survey will help identify opportunities for potential charging locations or EV charging services. Survey responses will be shared to facilitate potential partnering discussions between property owners/managers, charging service providers, and installation contractors.

Vermont is a national leader in the availability of public EV charging for residents and travelers. Now, additional investments are needed to boost the availability and reliability of charging as EV adoption grows.

“Vermont must continue to be a leader in vehicle electrification,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn. “To encourage more people to drive EVs, we need to expand the network of public chargers throughout the state.”

Several funding opportunities support EV charging in Vermont, including:

  • $2.8 million in Volkswagen diesel settlement funds for public EV charging administered by the Vermont Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)

  • $7 million in State funding for multifamily, workplace, and public charging managed by DHCD with applications anticipated in mid-2023

  • $21.2 million in Federal funds available through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program included in the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act managed by the Vermont Agency of Transportation

  • Most Vermont electric utilities offer programs and incentives for home, workplace, and public charging installations

“DHCD and AOT are collaborating with other agencies and partners to ensure Vermont has an EV charging network that provides charging options to meet drivers’ needs for access to low-cost and reliable Level 1 and 2 charging at home or work, and Level 3 DC fast charging when vehicles need a quick charge mid-trip,” said Department of Housing and Community Development Commissioner Josh Hanford.

“Our team has heard from businesses and EV drivers about the need to increase availability of charging,” said Drive Electric Vermont coordinator David Roberts. “We’re eager to continue supporting the State and other partners to expand Vermont’s charging infrastructure.”

More information on EV charging funding opportunities and installation support is available at:


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Contact: Patrick Murphy, Agency of Transportation