Apply for the Farm to School & Early Childhood Grant

mothers and children picking berries on a sunny day

October is National Farm to School Month. Schools and early childhood providers can celebrate by applying for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets’ Farm to School and Early Childhood Grant.

This grant provides financial and technical assistance to schools and early childhood education providers to help develop or grow their farm to school and early childhood programs. The Farm to School and Early Childhood Grant opens for applications on October 3rd.  

Eligible applicants are Vermont registered or licensed early childhood education providers; a consortium of early care providers; independent schools participating in any federal child nutrition programs; individual public schools; or supervisory unions (SU) or educational districts on behalf of a public school or consortium of schools.

Awards will range from $5,000-$20,000 based on the total student/child population of all organizations involved in the application.  

Please reach out to program manager Gina Clithero, or 802-585-6225, with any questions.

More Information Available on the AAFM website