Agricola Meats Successfully Completes Kickstarter Campaign for Equipment to Expand Production

Alessandra Rellini and Stefano Pinna, ACEDC members and owners of Agricola Farm and Agricola Meats (Monti Verdi Salumi), have been hard at work caring for their land and animals, processing and curing their meat, AND raising much-needed funds to purchase equipment that will enable them to expand their product offerings and production at their facility in Middlebury.

Their successful Kickstarter campaign raised over $33K in two weeks. These funds will be used as matching funds for a Vermont Working Lands Initiative grant and will allow Agricola to offer a wider variety of cured meats, including coppa, guanciale, prosciuttini, pancetta, and lonzino.

Alessandra and Stefano are quick to acknowledge the help they’ve received from the Addison County Economic Development Corporation, including advice and expertise that have allowed them to grow their business. “I know we would not have done it without them,” says Relleni. “It’s definitely shocking how many small business resources are available, but the point is, do you know all of them and do you have a connection? When you get to the point that you don’t know what to do, that’s the time when you probably should reach out to the Addison County Economic Development Corporation because they can give you great advice.”

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