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Bee's Wrap

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Bee’s Wrap started with a simple idea: make it easy to cut down on plastic and store food sustainably. So, founder Sarah Kaeck turned to bees, nature’s most productive and protective foodies, for inspiration. Infusing organic cotton with a blend of beeswax, plant oil and tree resin, she created a durable yet pliable beeswax food wrap that could be used again and again – helping people be like bees and do their part for the greater good of the planet.

Bee's Wrap is a proud B Corp and member of 1% for the Planet, Bee’s Wrap partners with organizations to remove plastic from oceans, protect pollinators, and inspire environmental stewardship through education.
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streetAddress: PO Box 1016
cityName: Middlebury
province: Vermont
zipCode: 05753
+1 8026432132
Sector: Manufacturing