CT Scanning Rendezvous – X-ray vision assists Vermont companies to gain unique insight on their products

03-28-2023 1:30 PM - 03-28-2023 5:00 PM
photo of an x-ray ct scanning machine

The purpose of this event is to introduce how X-Ray CT Scanning and analysis technology can benefit designers and manufacturers. The technology is available to industry through the Vermont Manufacturing Collaborative (VT-MC) and Advanced Manufacturing Center – right here in Vermont!  Come and learn about the Nikon 225 kV CT Scanner and VolumeGraphics analysis software. Experience how it can help you with product design, quality assurance, design qualification, root cause analysis and more. The CT technology coupled with VolumeGraphics software can provide non-destructive 3D imaging and analysis on material properties such as porosity, wall thickness, particle distribution and tolerancing. We can also look inside parts to inspect weld joints, identify cracks, voids or foreign material. It can even calculate measurements and perform reverse engineering by creating CAD files.

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Generator Makerspace
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40 Sears Lane, Burlington, VT