Grow a Biz

You know where your company is headed.

imageYou have a plan for how you want to grow your business.

You’re looking at the appropriate business indicators, and they show that you are ready for growth.

ACEDC can help you realize your vision!

Planning for growth involves a thoughtful assessment and ongoing reassessment of all operational aspects of your business – from day-to-day operations to effective use of social media and marketing, to sales, resource management, talent management, and ensuring your team has the skills and resources they need.

imageAs your business grows, you’ll pass new milestones and conquer new challenges. ACEDC will help you meet those challenges. Our experience, networks, and connections can help you realize your vision.

Your Business Plan helped you develop and launch your company. That plan was a critical component of your success, and as you look to grow your business plan will help you plan the steps to achieve your growth goals. It is important to reassess things in a different light than you did when you were in startup mode. As you review your business plan, think about capitalization, about igniting your team, and capturing a larger share of your market.

If you realize you need capital to get to the next level, ACEDC can help.

We operate several Revolving Loan Funds, and we can work with your business to pursue grants under a variety of State and Federal programs.  We also have an extensive network of Business Assistance Partners; many are local and regional lenders. We can help develop creative investment options to ensure you have the resources you need to grow your business in Addison County. Capital providers will want to see your business plan for growth.

If you need assistance developing your plans, ACEDC can help.

imageStrategic planning is essential to business growth, and there is a difference between a strategic business plan and an operational plan. Your strategy addresses questions about why you are in business, about your market, differentiation, and capabilities. Your operational plan details the tactics for using all available business resources to succeed with that strategy.

If you need additional commercial space to grow your business, ACEDC lists commercial property available from member businesses looking to sell, lease, or rent space in Addison County.

If you need talent, ACEDC lists jobs available with member organizations, so you may not have to search far to find the people you need to advance your business.

If you want to export, the Vermont Global Trade Partnership (VGTP) is always available to assist businesses considering or currently exporting.  VGTP’s services and assistance include:


Here are also some federal resources for businesses:


If you need anything else, or if you have any questions please call us at 802-388-7953.

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