VMEC Workplace Organization Seminar

The 5S System, Workplace Organization & Standardization

The Vermont Manufacturing Extension Center (VMEC) is offering this program on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 from 8 am - 12:30 pm at the Burlington Electric Deptartment. Lunch will be provided.
5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain) is a proven, effective way to identify and eliminate wasteful (non-value added) practices from the workplace. Created and initially perfected by Toyota, it incorporates a system of visual cues that help reduce waste and achieve more consistent operational results by attaining and maintaining an orderly workplace. 5S is increasingly being used by all types of businesses & organizations, including manufacturing plants & offices, health care & financial institutions, higher education, the military and more.  
5S also assembles the foundation of a successful Lean implementation, making possible the use of other powerful Lean techniques and tools. This VMEC workshop is designed to both introduce businesses to the 5S System and provide on-site coaching to help them learn 5S implementation steps. As a result, companies can begin to evaluate and audit their own organization.
This 5S training will be delivered in VMEC's new format. Instead of 8 hours in a classroom; the workshop is now split into two parts: 
Part 1:  A 4-hour classroom presentation & activities in a multi-company public workshop venue. 
Part 2:  A 4-hour session at the company location to get the business started with a 5S project.  
The second 4-hour session is typically scheduled to take place within 6 weeks following the first half-day classroom session. A VMEC Professional Manufacturing & Business Growth Advisor comes to the company and coaches the workshop participants to take the first steps in applying what was learned to the work area. This second portion will serve as a coaching session where the advisor would look at the company's specific 5S needs and make recommendations so the attendee and their team are able to implement suggested steps.
Let VMEC experts help you organize your work spaces for greater efficiencies and savings. For more info and to register, click HERE.