Organic Beekeeping Workshop

A beginner days-long Organic Beekeeping class is being offered the weekend of Saturday May 19 & Sunday May 20, 2018 at the Metta Earth Institute in Lincoln. The class will present a balanced view of natural and organic beekeeping topics and practices including:

  • location & equipment requirements
  • basic honey bee biology
  • swarming as an expression of the bees vitality
  • overwintering
  • presence & mindfulness in the bee yard
  • non-toxic pest disease control 
  • appreciation for the role that pollinators & beekeepers play within the Earth’s ecosystem

The program will include an open hive demonstration with the opportunity for hands-on experience (weather permitting). The cost is $120 per person (including course text).

To register, call 802-349-4279 or email: