Shacksbury Cider

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Inspired by the heritage of our hometown. Conceived in the tradition of the négociant. We want to take you back to the orchard, to celebrate great people and vibrant traditions. Join us in our quest to discover true cider.

Shacksbury Cider is a new hard cider company based in Shoreham VT. Named for the lost hamlet of Shacksbury (2 mi. down the road), we are inspired by the industry of early settlers like Herod Newell and Eldon Lyman who harnessed the Lemon Fair River to mill not only cotton, flour, and lumber, but also the abundant cider apples. They made hard cider from those apples to slake summer thirst and to warm winter bellies.

After years working on an apple orchard, running an import / export e-recycling firm, and farmsteading in Vermont, our founders, David Dolginow and Colin Davis, are now bringing craft cider back to our hometown. Lacking a time machine to visit with Herod, we travelled to Spain, France, and England to research traditional cider. On our journeys we found an amazing array of ciders that convinced us that not only could we revive Herod’s process, we could improve on it.

While the Champlain Valley is an apple grower’s paradise, we currently lack the varieties necessary to make great cider. Similar to how wine grapes yield fine wines that couldn’t be coaxed out of table grapes, cider apples have tannins that make for complex ciders that are not possible with standard apples. Because of that, we are working with local growers to plant traditional cider apple orchards, which take 5 year to mature. In the meantime, we have teamed up with the world’s best cider producers to help us bring traditional cider to the United States.

Leading our UK production is the duo of Simon and Hannah Day, named BBC’s Drink Producers of the Year in 2012. In partnership with the Days, we are ecstatic to announce that our flagship cider is (almost) here. Unlike anything on the market, our full-bodied, golden cider combines strong fruit and cidery flavor with notes of smoke, spice, leather and a hint of bacon.



David in Orchard.JPGDavid Dolginow 


Middlebury, VT

Favorite Cider Apple:
Lost Apple #36

Favorite pairing:
The Basque with a KC-style brisket sandwich
Colin on Mtn_2.jpgColin Davis 


Shoreham, VT

Favorite Cider Apple: 
Kingston Black

Favorite pairing:
The New England with Twig Farm's Tomme goat cheese


BeerVictoria_2.jpgSimon Day 

English Cidermaker

Putley, England

Favorite Cider Apple: 

Favorite pairing:  
The Hereford with bannoffee pie

Notable Accolade:  
BBC Drinks Producer of the Year in 2012


PETRITEGIAinara_2.jpgJosé Joaquín Otaño & daughter Ainara 

Basque Cidermakers

Astigarraga, Spain

Favorite Cider Apple:

Favorite pairing:
The Basque with Txuleta



Hailing from the mecca of cider apples, the Herefordshire region of England, this cider was crafted by Simon and Hannah Day with apples grown by Ann and Norman Stanier. Made from Browns, Ellis Bitter, Dabinette, and Somerset Redstreak apples, its heady aroma and complex finish will delight your senses.

Tasting Notes: peaty, full-bodied, soft sweetness and tannins, fruity, hint of bacon 



Once you've tried this rustic, unfiltered, natural yeast cider, you'll never forget it and you'll keep coming back. With its higher acidity, this cider will brighten up even the darkest of winter days. Serve chilled and pour in small amounts for the best effect. It pairs nicely with all grilled foods.

Tasting Notes: grapefruit rind, spice, apple cellar muskiness



This cider is our hometown hero. Traditional english apples from Poverty Lane Orchard contribute a pleasant bitterness to this refreshing and very drinkable cider. Made by us with the help of our friend, Greg Borah of the Shoreham Winery, we love to drink this cider alongside an aged Vermont cheddar cheese or anything sweet.

Tasting Notes: dried fruit, green apple, leather, and just enough barnyard to make things interesting