Fyles Bros.



After purchasing one truck in 1981, our owners started this business to provide affordable propane to the community. We are proud to feature a staff that has more than 29 years of experience selling and delivering propane and heating units. Our business is known for providing prompt and personalized services.

Services for Home, Business or Farm

Propane is a very versatile and efficient energy source.  You can use propane to heat your entire home, or just one area or room.  You can also use propane to cook, dry clothes, heat water, run standby generators, heat pools, run fireplaces or inserts.  Fyles Bros. sells and services many different appliances for the home as well as business. When you choose our services, you can feel confident that we will be able to service your propane needs. Contact us to learn more.

Heating Units

Fyles Bros. sells a wide variety of heating units, such as furnaces, heating systems, hot water heaters, and wood-simulated stoves. When you purchase a unit from our business, we will come to your location and properly install it for you. Each of our units comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and we provide free estimates on our heating unit sales and installation services.

Heating Services

Contact Fyles Brothers for Propane Heating Oil and Furnace Maintenance in Vermont. We are here to keep you warm through the long winters. Emergency service calls, broken furnace or low oil are our specialties!

Service Area

Fyles Brothers Services many communities in Vermont and New York:

Addison, Benson, Brandon, Bridport, Castleton, Cornwall, E. Middlebury, Fair Haven, Florence, Forestdale, Goshen, Hortonia, Hubbardton, Leicester, Middlebury New Haven Orwell, Pittsford, Poultney, Ripton, Salisbury, Shoreham, Sudbury, Wells, West Haven, Weybridge, Whiting, all in Vermont.  

Granville, Hampton and Whitehall in New York.