Aqua Vitea

Aqua Vitea is a beverage manufacturing company that produces and distributes Kombucha, a hand crafted, micro-brewed tea-based healthy beverage. Aqua Vitea pioneered the Kombucha-on-tap business model as the first company in the nation to offer Kombucha from a self-serve, in-store fountain. Our Kombucha is available in health food stores, restaurants, bars, and cafes, both on tap and in bottles, throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states.

aqua vitea tapMission

Aqua Vitea cultivates health one beverage at a time. The name is a play on the Latin expression In aqua vitae veritas, or “in living water there is truth.”  We brew fresh Kombucha for local, regional, and national markets, improving individual and community health by promoting ecologically sound patterns of production and consumption.

Company Overview

Aqua Vitea Kombucha was started in 2007 by Jeff Weaber and Dr. Katina Martin. Jeff's background in beer brewing and fermentation and Katina's experience as a Naturopath and Acupuncturist led them to merge their passions to create a detoxifying probiotic energy elixir that restores the immune system and promotes general well being.

Our state-of-the-art Kombucha brewery founded in Bristol, VT and currently operating in Middlebury is the first of it's kind to offer Kombucha in bulk. We strive to use only the finest organic ingredients, drawing from local sources whenever possible.

We encourage our customers to save glass, save cash, and get it fresh from the tap. Aqua Vitea Kombucha is also available in 16 oz bottles or 64 oz growlers in many locations. We offer a variety of flavors, including: Original, Elderberry, Cranberry, Black Currant, Ginger, and Hibiscus Ginger Lime. Recent seasonal limited releases include Watermelon and Mulled Cider.