Commercial Brokerage Associate & Consultant at White and Burke

 Commercial Brokerage Associate

An advisor first. A dealmaker second. Our brokerage team looks at a client’s goal from all angles and offers realistic, strategic analysis and counsel. As a brokerage associate, this position includes site analysis and selection, financial analysis, preliminary agreement drafting and review, property advertising, showings and site tours, and client/team meetings. Strong skills in problem-solving, listening, communication, negotiation, marketing, valuation fundamentals, finance, research, and due diligence are preferred. Real estate salesperson training and a license is not a prerequisite. We are looking for someone with a strong background in a related field, a dynamic personality, and an ability to learn. 

This position will require travel around the state of Vermont.


Our advisory assignments require taking both a 30,000-foot strategic view and getting deeper into the weeds, often within the same hour. A skilled project manager acts as an advisor to the client, assessing the project needs and gaps on a team to help advance it to the next level. Consulting work at White + Burke can range greatly:

  • From asset management of properties in an institutional portfolio to a family estate’s commercial holdings;
  • From the financial analysis of a complex multi-phase, mixed-use development project to the financial packaging of a public-private partnership;
  • From obtaining land use permits for a growing business to evaluating site feasibility for a new medical facility;
  • From assessing the potential highest and best use of an aging property to an economic development strategy for a town with a dwindling population.

We recognize that everyone has a unique background; we are seeking solid related skills and attitude and aptitude for growth above all. Whether learned on the job or as part of one’s background, a White + Burke project manager must have expertise or proficiency in research, project management, team leadership, public speaking, financial analysis or familiarity with construction budgets, development, and operating proformas, various funding sources, as well as traditional commercial financing, business writing, understanding of land use, and general client management skills. Our team thrives on a diversity of strengths and also on continuing education to support all members’ capability in all of the above.

This position will require travel around Vermont, New Hampshire, and North Carolina.

About White + Burke

A small firm in our 30th year, we pride ourselves on having a warm, collegial work environment, great teamwork, a focus on work-life balance, and a commitment to be the best at what we do. We are looking for team members who align with White + Burke’s mission, vision, and values, including the firm’s dedication to being a socially responsible community member.


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