Assistant Butcher for Agricola Meats

Create a map of delicious Vermont flavors from century old Italian traditions in curing and preserving meats (charcuterie).  Agricola Meats is looking to hire an assistant butcher for its Middlebury Location to become the curator for the charcuteries of several farms that belong to the Vermont Farm Coalition. Each of our farms provides us with an exceptional range of meats with an unparalleled taste profile unique to their pasture, and breed of pigs.  You will learn the proper way to cut and analyze the characteristic of a carcass, how to select the highest quality cuts and how to balance temperature and humidity to create a delicious product. Agricola Meats are sold at the best specialty stores in Massachusetts and Vermont and is expanding to New York. 


Special care and attention to cleanliness and good sanitation practices are an essential part of the job, and requires attention to details even during repetitive tasks, 


You do not need a vast knowledge of meat cutting, just a passion for learning this unique art. This position has exciting potential for growth in the Vermont food market.

Job Responsibilities

  • Break down a full pork carcass using boning, tying, grinding, cutting, and trimming for cooking
  • Weigh, label and price a variety of cuts of meat
  • Maintain temperatures, weights of controlled and non-controlled ingredients and other information in compliance with HACCP plans. 
  • Following guideline provided by multiple SOP, Sanitization SOP and HACCP plans.
  • Maintain, clean, and sanitize meat preparation areas and equipment in adherence with food safety guidelines.
  • Assess and inspect quality of carcasses for meat production
  • Operate sharp equipment for cutting, grinding and packaging meats
  • Use skewers, bone knives, twine and other tools to lace, tie and shape roasts, salame, prosciutto etc.
  • Carefully weigh and maintain records of spices, salts and other ingredients for recipes
  • Evaluate workflow to efficiently reach goals & reduce operation time.


Job Skills & Qualifications


  • Excellent oral and verbal communication skills
  • Knowledge of food safety
  • 2 years of experience in the work force (the area does not matter)
  • 3 excellent recommendations from prior employers
  • Willingness to learn 


  • High School degree or equivalent 
  • Experience in whole animal butchery
  • Good mechanical skills

Special Demands

  • Standing for long hours in a cold environment using protective gear such as special gloves and hair/beard nets.
  • Complete repetitive tasks 
  • Lift and move up to 80Lbs 


Send resume, letter of interest and 3 references to Alessandra (Ale) Rellini at