Perfect Pitch Follow Up - One Business Owner's Story

Posted on 4/28/2016 by Robin Scheu

Perfect Pitch Follow Up - One Business Owner's Story


I was planning to move on to a different topic for the blog this week, until I received an email from one of the presenters at the Pitch Vermont Life event we held last month. Amy Oxford, owner and founder of the Oxford Company, a nationally known rug hooking school in Cornwall, Vermont, told her story to the editorial board of Vermont Life Magazine in just under 2 minutes.

Amy has a great story to tell about how she got involved in the rug hooking business as a college student. She has since written several books on her style of rug hooking, invented a special punch hook needle, and literally saved the original company when it was being sold by buying all the patterns. They would have gone to China had she not purchased them. It’s a fascinating story and could easily take more than 2 minutes in the telling. But Amy worked hard to both focus her narrative and overcome her nervousness to make her very public presentation.

 Oxford Punch NeedleHer efforts paid off. Not just in the immediacy of the moment, but also in her comfort level when talking with potential clients, vendors, and others. Last week, she sent me the following email:

The funniest thing happened yesterday. The new editor of Rug Hooking magazine called to introduce himself (I’m an advertiser) and the first thing he said was, “So, tell me about The Oxford Company.” I chuckled to myself and thought, “Well, do you have a minute and fifty-eight seconds!” I proceeded to give him a shorter version of my pitch. Having my pitch ready helped me to get the information across clearly and quickly. I also sent the editor the link to your Pitch Vermont Life video. The end result is that they have asked me to do DIY videos for their new online magazine website!

Many thanks for everything,


Wow! It doesn’t get much better than that.

What’s your pitch? If someone asked you to tell them about your company, would you be ready like Amy was? Can you tell your story clearly and concisely in under a minute? If not, refer back to our last blog post for some tips. Here’s the link to the Pitch VT Life video so you can see how others have told their stories. And consider practicing in front of someone who will give you helpful, honest feedback.

If we can help here at ACEDC, let us know! We’d be happy to listen to your pitch. After all, practice does make perfect.

All the best,