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Spotlight on the Vermont Training Program
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Kauffman Sketchbook (video): Go Be an Entrepreneur

Books we recommend:

3. Your recommendation: which book(s) do you recommend to other business leaders? Let us know, and we'll share your suggestions.

Join us on Wednesday, Oct 2, at the Ilsley Public Library for an interactive training session Mobile Marketing & Understanding Apps, the first in our "Strengthening Your Business" workshop series, presented in partnership with Vermont Small Business Development Center.



Check our web site for more Events to help you and your business.



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As always, be sure to check our web site for additional Member NewsProperty listingsJobs, and for news and events from theAddison County business community.


Dear ACEDC Members and Friends,

Now that summer is mostly over and Labor Day is behind us, it's time to think about finishing strong in the last quarter of the year. Our newsletter is designed with that in mind: we're offering resources and tips for those wishing to start a business or grow their business. Watch the Kauffman Sketchbook video "Go Be an Entrepreneur" or the "Business Model Canvas" video. Download our "Doing Business in Addison County" guide if you need help starting or expanding your business. Check out the workshops, read a book about sharpening your focus or making it through the "no man's land" of growing your business from small to mid-sized. Find out how you can upgrade the skills of your employees at 50% less cost. (Hint - read about the Vermont Training Program). And see what some of our member businesses have been up to. 

There's a lot going on in Addison County these days! It's a great place to do business. As always, if you have questions or need help connecting to resources, give us a call. And here's to a strong fourth quarter!

All the best,


Create a Business
Addison County Resources
If you're thinking of starting or expanding a business you can download our free business guide: 
Doing Business in Addison County: a guide to starting, expanding, or relocating your business, which will answer many of your questions and help you find many of the resources you need. 

Explaining Business Ownership (for you or someone you know)
If you or someone you know is interested in starting a new business the VtSBDC now offers a free online webinar, Exploring Business Ownership. The course is offered the 1st Wednesday each month 9:30-10:30am and the 3rd Wednesday each month 1:30 - 2:20pm. To join the webinar, go to this web site, use meeting number8882948505, and code 3426809. To access the conference call by phone, dial toll free 888-294-8505, when prompted enter access code 3426809. 

Go Be an Entrepreneur 
In this video sketchbook from the Kauffman Foundation, Geoffrey Clapp talks directly to entrepreneurs, recommending they not
waste time talking about what they're going to do to change the world, not get caught up in the process of entrepreneurship. He urges driven innovators to just Do It! Go! Create your business!Go Be an Entrepreneur!
VT Small Business Development Center (VtSBDC)   The Vermont Small Business Development Center offers many workshops and training, from Business Basics to Government Contracting. The next session of Starting Your Own Business will be held 9am - 1pm at ACEDC's office on Sept. 24.


Grow a Business

Has your company grown but you still find yourself doing many of the tasks that you did when you were in startup mode? Maybe it's time to think about scaling up...the organizational chart. Take 2 minutes to read this article by Verne Harnish and download his Functional Accountability Chart to help you think about transitioning your leadership structure.


Want to Grow Your Business? Get Out of the Way!
Letting go is one of the most difficult challenges for an entrepreneur. Some fear losing control. Others believe they are the only ones who can do the job right. Many think there's not enough time to properly train another person. Successful entrepreneurs know how to let go by handing over authority and responsibility to someone else.

Business plans often take too long to write, are rarely updated, and are almost never read by others. The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management and entrepreneurial tool that allows you to describe, design, challenge, invent, and look at your business model from different perspectives. And do it quickly! Check out this video to learn more.
Resources to Help Your Business
Many helpful resources to help you grow your business can be found in our business guide: 
Doing Business in Addison County: a guide to starting, expanding, or relocating your business


How can we help you?

Is your business keeping you up at night?  Maybe VtSBDC can help restore your peaceful nights!

Do you know that we can help connect you with our statewide network of experts in Social Media, Human Resources, Marketing, Working Capital loans, Cash Flow Management, Exporting, and much more?   

Would you like to meet with a confidential, business professional as a sounding board for your business ideas and plans?

Don't stay "stuck"  --  let us know how we can help you move your business to the next level.  Give us a call or email today.  The solution may be closer than you think!

Did you know that...

  • 80% of the businesses we work with are existing businesses and 20% are start-up 
  • VtSBDC works with over 1000 Vermont businesses annually

Contact:  The Vermont Small Business Development Center in Addison County 802-388-7953.

Steve Paddock                   Sarah Kearns

Area Business Advisor        Business Consultant to VtSBDC


Our Jobs section continues to be one of the top-3 most popular destinations, with a consistently high number of new visitors navigating to these pages.  Member job postings are also featured in rotation on our home page. 
         If you're looking for talent, take advantage of this member benefit, and post your job opportunities to our site.

Customized Workshops for Your Business

ACEDC now offers workshops tailored to your specific business. We can work with you on long range planning (often in conjunction with the VT SBDC) or using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for team building and communications, problem solving, and understanding how you work best, your hot buttons and blind spots.

         There is a fee for this service; contact the office if you are interested in learning more 802-388-7953.


ACEDC Loans $125K to Help 3 Local Businesses Grow 

Three local businesses are ramping up production of croutons, whiskey, and a traditional Indian smoothie (known as "lassi"). Olivia's Croutons of New Haven, the new Appalachian Gap Distillery in Middlebury, and DAHlicious Lassi of Shoreham have received a combined $125,000 in loans from ACEDC.


Growing Businesses Can Find Commercial Property

As you probably know, ACEDC members can post theircommercial property listings on our website, complete with photos and extended property descriptions. Businesses looking to expand can find the space they need by filtering results by property type; for lease, for sale, industrial, retail, etc. 


Books we recommend:

No Man's Land: A Survival Manual for Growing Midsize Companies   

If starting a company is difficult, leading a company once the business has caught fire is infinitely more so. Thousands of businesses each year approach the dangerous transition that Doug Tatum calls No Man's Land - when they are too big to be considered small but still too small to be considered big. Rapid growth is every entrepreneur's dream, but it never comes easily and is usually rife with dilemmas. Tatum offers valuable navigational rules and case studies of emerging growth businesses. 

Do you work at a breakneck pace all day, only to find that you haven't accomplished the most important things on your agenda by the time you leave the office? With wisdom from 20 leading creative minds, 99U's Manage Your Day-to-Day will equip you with pragmatic insights for using your time wisely and making your best work. The book shows how you can build a rock-solid daily routine, field a constant barrage of messages, find focus amid chaos, and carve out the time you need to do the work that matters.


ACEDC Member News
Welcome new members! 
Vermont Hard Cider continues construction on its new $30 million Woodchuck Cidery in Middlebury and has several job openings, including Woodchuck Brand Manager, Systems Administrator, Staff Accountant, and Production Operator.

ACEDC Member Middlebury College has 2 major construction projects going on simultaneously. The two new athletics facilities - a 110,000-square-foot Field House that will host athletic, intramural, recreational and special events beginning in October 2014; and a 9-court Squash Center set for completion next month - will be fully funded by alumni, parents and other donors. The total cost for the construction projects is $46 million.

New ACEDC member TreTap Beverages announced that itsproducts are now available in 16 Vermont stores, including City Market in Burlington and the Middlebury Coop.
Real Estate members: Redstone Properties & Renaissance Development Co. have a variety of commercial property available and listed online

As always, be sure to check our web site for additional Member NewsProperty listingsJobs, and for news and events from the Addison County business community.
Spotlight on the Vermont Training Program
vermont logo

The Agency of Commerce and Community Development has a number of programs designed to support business growth. One of these is the Vermont Training Program (VTP). VTP provides comprehensive resources to prepare Vermont's workforce for new hires and workers whose skills need upgrading. They partner with employers and training providers to train Vermont's workforce for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


VTP has two primary goals: job creation and job retention. To accomplish these goals, VTP offers funds for the training of new hires and incumbent workers. Training can fall into categories such as on-the-job, classroom, or other specialized training. Grants can cover up to 50% of the training cost. By providing training funds for new and existing businesses, the skills of Vermont's workforce are increased as are Vermonters' wages and standard of living.

Who may apply?

VTP specializes in serving companies in the sectors of: manufacturing, health care, telecommunications, information technology, and environmental engineering. A number of businesses in Addison County have successfully made use of VTP services and saved themselves some money in the process.

To find out more about this program and how can VTP can help you with your training needs, click here - or you can call ACEDC at 802-388-7953.

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We work with businesses in all stages of growth, from pre-venture start-ups to established businesses and global corporations.

Our primary objective is to create and retain a flourishing business community that supports vibrant fiscal activity and improves the quality of life of all residents. 

ACEDC is your connector to the resources and solutions your business needs to thrive.

Thank you for your commitment to good jobs in Addison County.



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