Women’s Leadership Circles Program in Addison County

Women leaders of Addison County are invited to participate in the Women’s Leadership Circles of Vermont program in Addison County begining January 2017. The early registration deadline is Monday October 31 and final applications are due on Tuesday November 22.

The Women’s Leadership Circles of Vermont (WLC) is a program of the Marlboro College Center for New Leadership. WLC was developed to support accomplished women in leadership positions in the corporate, non-profit, government and small business sectors. Participants have the initiative and vision to push themselves toward greater personal and professional achievement and to grow in their roles as influential change-makers. Participant groups of powerful women are built with the awareness, experience and professionalism to create a safe place where frank discussions can happen. Each Circle is comprised of 10–12 women who meet formally over six months, during which time they establish the foundation for an ongoing network of support. WLC participants support each other to meet the challenges of leadership with clarity and confidence.

The fee for WLC is $2600. To learn more about the Women's Leadership Circles of Vermont, please contact Kerry Secrest, program director, 802-451-0842. For more info, click here.