VT Fresh Network Conference Scholarship Program

The Vermont Fresh Network (VFN) recently announced a new project, the VT Fresh Network Conference Program. This program helps chefs, farmers, food producers, and others working in the local food system attend important conferences beyond our region to bring back and share what they have learned.

Each year VFN will offer scholarships (covering registration, lodging, and transportation) to key national food conferences. The focus is on gatherings that support the overall VFN mission of promoting a strong local food system through farmer-chef partnerships. Recipients will be selected through submitting a short application, scored by a committee of current VFN Partner Members.

The goal is not only to connect Vermonters to national networks, but also to strengthen learning and professional development networks in the state. Award recipients will share what they’ve learned at the conferences through an event or project of their choosing (for example, special dinners, networking events, workshops, special menus, hosting speakers, etc). These events will also help raise funds for the next round of grants, contributing to the program's sustainability.

The inaugural year of the Vermont Fresh Network Conference Program was made possible by funding from the Sustainable Future Fund at the Vermont Community Foundation, the Farm to Plate Investment Program at Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, and Chelsea Green Publishing.

Anyone interested in applying should visit the VT Fresh Network website, VermontFresh.net, for details. The next round of grants will support attending the Global Food Tourism conference in Austin, TX, this October. For more info, please visit the Conference Program page at VermontFresh.net or contact their offices at: info@vermontfresh.net or 802-434-2000. #rootedinvermont