VT Airport & Aviation Economic Development

The VT Agency of Commerce & Community Development (ACCD) in partnership with the VT Agency of Transportation (VTrans) are working to update the comprehensive statewide economic development strategy to include State owned airports (and consider other aviation & airport assets in VT). The state is engaging stakeholders to develop a section of the economic development plan that dovetails in the VTrans Aviation Systems Plan.

Areas the state is considering in the plan include but are not limited to:

  • Pilot, crew, or aircraft airframe & power plant (A&P) training
  • Aviation & aerospace business development or emerging technologies
  • Event-based economic development / tourism and aviation
  • Fixed Base Operator (FBO) business support / expansion including maintenance, repair & overhaul / A&P service expansion

This list is only an initial list of areas for exploration. The state is interested in ideas about how our airports & aviation-related businesses could grow, attract other businesses & economic opportunities, bolster good paying jobs, align with their surrounding communities, and any other ideas. They are also interested in feedback on existing challenges and opportunities as well as specific suggestions of strategies to explore:

  1. Details of challenges and opportunities (e.g. there are XX number of people or aircraft on a waiting list for hangar space, or there is demand for general aviation maintenance at XX location).
  2. General suggestions (e.g. develop and market more events at State airports) to specific ones (e.g. build at least X number of additional hangars at XX airport).
  3. Any specific suggestions or ideas related to the feasibility of:
  • the installation of electric vehicle charging stations at the airport;
  • the installation of electric aircraft charging stations at the airport; and
  • the siting of one or more renewable energy generating plants at the airports.

Feedback may be provided in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Directly to VTrans staff during Aviation Systems Plan meetings held around the State in October. The calendar for these meetings is available here.
  • To ACCD staff at the meetings noted above or during additional, ad hoc, meetings to be scheduled or via email to ACCD by emailing the Secretary directly at: michael.schirling@vermont.gov