Vermont Futures Project Launched

VT Chamber Foundation Launches The VT Futures Project Unveiled at the VT Economic Summit

The Vermont Chamber Foundation unveiled the first deliverable of the Vermont Futures Project—The Vermont Economic Dashboard, a snapshot of the State’s current economic indicators that gives business leaders, community members, policy makers, and the press a resource to understand the economic health of Vermont and a tool to measure and track progress in securing Vermont’s economic future.

Available on the Vermont Futures Project website,, the Vermont Economic Dashboard focuses on six pillars of the Vermont economy including:

  • economic activity,
  • innovation & entrepreneurs,
  • workforce & talent,
  • VT demographics,
  • quality of place,
  • infrastructure & investment.

On the Executive Summary page of the website, each pillar is represented by a dashboard dial reflecting the Foundation’s assessment of the current state of that economic area.

In addition to reviewing the Vermont Economic Dashboard, the Vermont Chamber Foundation outlined the other key deliverables of the Vermont Futures Project: developing a long-term vision for a robust economy that provides opportunities for Vermonters and crafting specific policy recommendations to make the Foundation’s vision a reality.

VT Economic Summit participants were urged to get involved by taking the following action steps: spreading the word, making a financial contribution, and staying informed & connected through the website

About the Vermont Futures Project

Through leadership, research, and education, the Vermont Futures Project seeks to inform the conversation about Vermont’s economic future and demonstrate how economic growth contributes to Vermont’s vibrant communities and unique quality of life. For more information, please visit