UVM Extension Offers Land Assessment Services

Site visits for farm land, water & infrastructure assessment

Because getting the right information is important for the sustainability of any operation, Ben Waterman (Land Access & New Farmer Coordinator at the UVM Extension) is conducting Farmland Assessments to help farmers understand the capacity of land under consideration.    

Farmland Assessments help:

  • Aspiring, relocating and established farmers and landowners identify important issues concerning the potential productivity of their farms.
  • Farmers & landowners save time and money by avoiding common pitfalls in establishing new enterprises on new parcels.
  • Farmers, landowners and service providers be empowered with various assessment methods so they can continue to refine their understanding of land, water and infrastructure potential well into the future.
  • Farmers have the significant leverage of more knowledge at one of the most critical points in their enterprise - when they’re first setting up.

For more info on how to get help with your land or new enterprise, click HERE