Seeking Professional Field Experience at CCV

Are you part of a business or organization that loves to invest in local people? If that is a priority of yours, I am writing to ask you to think with me about working together to support students who are interested in entering the local workforce. 

I’m Jennifer Stefani, the academic advisor for students at the Community College of Vermont in Middlebury. Not everyone knows that the Community College of Vermont has a vibrant college student community connected to Addison County…but, yes, we do! From the Middlebury CCV location, we have over 200 students enrolled in courses this fall, hailing from the towns nearest you. Many of these students are enrolled in associates degree programs that have a course requirement called Professional Field Experience. Students take this class in order to reflect on their experience while participating in 80-hours of work in a business or organization in their field. This course is a requirement for students getting degrees in Early Childhood Education, Behavioral Science, Bookkeeping, Science, Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) Studies, Professional Studies, and Environmental Studies.

Students are ultimately responsible for finding these work placements on their own. They do this through sharing their resumes, via word of mouth, and following leads that come from connections we have made with community partners. I am really interested in making more connections and introducing more of my students to you! It is a win-win situation. Students are able to network, attain an understanding of how their coursework applies to real life, and refine their career goals and interests. Employers are able to meet and observe prospective employees for a prolonged period of time, perhaps find new hires, strengthen the local workforce pool, and become a source of learning and empowerment for students.

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If you are interested in inviting college students to carry out their field experience with you in a future semester, I would love to talk with you. My email is Let’s set up a time to talk!