Power the farm with microhydro electric - USDA grant opportunity

Farms sought for microhydro electric project 

The EcoHydro System™ from Little Green Hydro, LLC, (LGH) is the first fully-integrated, complete, small-scale microhydro renewable energy solution. No dams, no stream alterations…

Plus highly environmentally-sustainable technology means that our EcoHydro System is the most cost-effective, very green, small-scale renewable energy source available today!LGH is seeking one or more farms and/or agricultural businesses in Vermont or New Hampshire to be our partner to install a fully-operational demonstration site for our EcoHydro System. Additionally, other non-farm rural businesses can qualify under the program; please contact us for more information.

If selected for award by USDA/REAP, the EcoHydro System installation will be funded in part by the USDA and LGH. The farm partner will contribute in-kind installation services plus a modest financial commitment. The filing date for the extensive grant application is May 30, 2013 and we must select and qualify a farm partner well in advance of that date.

Prospective farm partner qualifications include, but are not limited to;

  • Must be a farm or agricultural enterprise or a small business
  • Must have an appropriate stream or brook on the farm property
  • Commitment and enthusiasm for renewable energy
  • Economic justification for project, i.e.; use of power (greenhouse, milking parlor, etc.)
  • Willingness to serve as an on-going demonstration/information site

Many different types of streams or brooks will power an EcoHydro System, but the ideal partner will have an on-farm small stream or brook with the following characteristics;

  • Generally mountainous, steep or hilly terrain
  • Stream/Brook is from 4 to 10 feet in average width
  • Elevation differential (drop) of at least 100’ over less than 1,000’ horizontal distance
  • Reasonable proximity (<1,000 feet) to electric usage point
  • Year-round flow preferred

LGH will provide the EcoHydro System, all system installation, configuration, commissioning, support services and handle all required permitting and regulatory work. The farm partner will have regular reporting requirements, occasional maintenance duties and accept turn-over of the system when ready.

Please contact LGH at: james.perkins@LittleG