Olivia's introduces gluten-free croutons

Gluten-Free for the Whole Family

Olivia’s Croutons does gluten-free right with new Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons premiering at the 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show.

New Haven, VT June 21, 2013  --  Over the last year, gluten-free products have dominated sales in the specialty food market along with goods that feature kosher, all natural, and reduced allergen labels. Consumer demand for gluten-free products resulted in a $4.2 billion market in 2012, according to “Gluten-Free Foods and Beverages in the U.S.,” a new report by the market research company Packaged Facts.

Gluten-free_Olivias_croutons_page_imgThe common challenge that food producers face as they develop products to meet this growing trend is something familiar to most everyone that maintains a gluten-free diet: these products rarely achieve the same taste, texture, and nutritional value as their traditional counterparts. Frequently, households that have one member following a gluten-free diet will end up having two versions of pastas, bread, crackers, cookies, and other wheat-based staples.

When it comes to croutons, though, Olivia’s Croutons is introducing a gluten-free version of their all-natural, homemade croutons that is the equal of their award-winning, gourmet wheat croutons that have become household favorites with discerning home cooks.

After recognizing the lack of a premium, all-natural gluten-free crouton that was both rich in nutrients and flavor, Francie Williams Caccavo – Olivia’s owner and co-founder – set out to create a gluten-free crouton that captured the same crunch as their wheat-based croutons.

“Many gluten free recipes rely heavily on rice flour and tapioca starches, neither of which provide the same flavor or nutritional benefits as wheat flours” explains Francie Williams Caccavo. “We spent a long time developing and testing recipes to come up with a ‘no compromise’ gluten-free crouton.”

“Our final recipe incorporates millet, sorghum, and brown rice flour – all of which are whole grains that add flavor, texture, and nutritional value. Combine this with our innovative baking process for a gluten-free crouton that we think is one of the best tasting products available,” says Francie. “We really wanted to make a gluten-free crouton that could be enjoyed by the whole family.”

Olivia’s Gluten-Free Garlic croutons will be premiered at the Specialty Food Association’s 2013 Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City (June 30 – July 2) and will be available for sampling at booth #4533.

Located in New Haven, Vermont, Olivia’s Croutons has been producing award-winning, gourmet croutons since 1991. Their Butter & Garlic and Parmesan Pepper Croutons were finalists in both the 2005 and 2006 Specialty Food Association’s sofi™ Awards (Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation Award).

Handmade and home baked in a dedicated, gluten-free facility in Middlebury, Vermont; Olivia’s carefully sources the ingredients for their Gluten-Free croutons in order to provide a flavorful and nutritious option that tastes as good as the original.

In addition to their Gluten-Free Garlic Croutons, Olivia’s will be releasing Gluten-Free Rosemary & Sage Stuffing in time for the holiday season with Gluten-Free Multigrain Croutons and Toast Crackers following shortly in early 2014.

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About Olivia’s Croutons

Located in New Haven, Vermont, Olivia’s Croutons has been producing award-winning croutons since 1991. Olivia’s offers five different crouton flavors, including their new Gluten-Free Garlic croutons that are just as crunchy and flavorful as the original. Available seasonally are Olivia’s Traditional and Cornbread stuffing, perfect for a hearty side dish with a homemade feel.

Everything is baked in small batches and Olivia’s is committed to using only wholesome, all natural ingredients — never any trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. To learn more about Olivia’s Croutons and their products, please visit http://www.oliviascroutons.com.