New VT Dept. of Taxes Online Business Center

The Vermont Department of Taxes has set up a new online Business Center. Whether you are starting a new business or nonprofit in VT or have been in business for a while, topics covered include:     
  • Starting a new business    
  • The new owner of an existing business
  • Starting a nonprofit organization
  • Self-employed person
  • Hiring employees
  • Selling a product (tangible personal property)
  • Selling a meal or renting a room
  • Selling alcoholic beverages
  • Updating a business
  • Closing a business

The State of VT wants to help you pay the right amount of tax for your business by providing information and tools. Taxes can be complex, and they are here to help you navigate state taxes, whether you are just starting your business or have been operating for years.

Before you open for business, you should learn about the Vermont taxes you must pay or collect and remit to the Vermont Department of Taxes. Tax law is complicated, and every year, the Vermont legislature may change, add, or repeal laws. To stay current on taxes that affect your business, they encourage you to learn about VT tax law. When necessary, they also recommend consulting a tax professional who is knowledgeable about business tax law at both the federal and state levels.