New VT Climate Economy Business Accelerator

A new business accelerator was recently formed to provide startup support, mentorship, and access to capital for climate economy entrepreneurs. Accel-VT hopes to spark accelerated business growth in order to support the expanding cluster of entrepreneurs committed to climate economy innovation in Vermont. Industry expertise, a network of established climate economy enterprises, and access to growth capital are available to all Accel-VT participants.

Startup or seed stage ventures from across North America interested in solving one of the most pressing electric grid issues facing the U.S.—integration of distributed renewable energy, efficiency, and storage technologies with the grid—are invited to apply to Accel-VT. Participants will be selected based on their ability to help solve the challenges related to the monitoring and control of distributed energy (e.g., storage, electric vehicles, solar, community scale wind, combined heat and power) to improve their value while providing safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to all customers.

Vermont is home to dozens of existing industry leaders who serve as mentors and customers to early stage entrepreneurs. A broad range of educational institutions also provide employee talent and VT's small size ensures accessibility to state government officials as well as business advisors. The state's close proximity to BostonNew York, and Montreal enables Accel-VT businesses to access significant capital from venture capitalists and angel investors to grow the climate economy. 

Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) members who are Accel-VT sponsors include:

A key partner in Accel-VT is fellow ACEDC member the VT Center for Emerging Technologies (VCET). Accel-VT is managed by the VT Sustainable Jobs Fund.

For program details and an application go to The deadline to apply is Friday October 6, 2017.