Moo Doo Voodoo skin moisturizer from cow manure

Skin moisturizer from down on the farm

MIDDLEBURY, VT - It's an all day meeting at Vermont Natural Ag Products in Middlebury to talk about the newest addition to the Moo Doo line.

Known for compost and topsoil, the company is digging deep -- and spreading out. "It is magic," said the company's Marketing Manager Colleen Wright.

From garden beauty, to true beauty. It's newest product, Moo Doo Voodoo, is a facial mask made from something Vermont has a lot of -- cow manure. "We really think Vermont is going to be on the map with Moo Doo Voodoo," Wright said.

The company admits putting a cow pie on your face might seem odd -- and yes -- a little gross.  But Wright says there's no need for fear here -- a manure digester dehydrates the droppings, taking away the methane gas -- and any odor.  Spring water from Ripton and local Red Clover honey is then added.

Reporter Gina Bullard: These are all safe?

Colleen Wright: These are safe. You could get a big pile and roll around buck naked and be just fine.

The idea for using meadow muffins in a new way came from farm workers.  They noticed a difference in their skin after working with the dehydrated waste. "The guys were up there cleaning out the digester and they would come back and their hands were so smooth and silky. Its like, 'what are you doing guys?' We'd take our gloves off dig right down in the products and at the end of the day our skin is like a babies," Wright said.

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