Legislative Update Week 6

Highlights from a very busy week under the Golden Dome:
  • Minimum Wage Increase- The Governor vetoed S.23 on Monday. and the Senate voted 24-6 to override. The House will vote next week but it is unlikely to have the votes to override.
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave- In the wake of the failure to override a veto of H.107, the Governor's voluntary version is moving through the process.
  • Act 250 Changes - Voted out of House Natural Resources Committee by a vote of 6-3-2.  The Bill has a long way to go but you can view the Committee-passed version here.   
  • Corporate Income Tax - House Ways & Means Committee is considering various changes to the Corporate Income Tax to raise more revenue. 
  • Economic Development Proposals - The Administration's proposed changes to the State's business incentives and additional funding for tech-based initiatives (H.641) was met with a cool reception; meanwhile, House Ways & Means is pushing for a level of transparency for companies getting incentives that could damage their competitiveness (H.640)
  • Global Warming Solutions Act and Renewable Energy Standard Act - The House Committee on Energy and Technology voted out H.688 on a 7-2 vote on Tuesday; meanwhile, S.267, a bill that could substantially increase energy costs in VT, makes its way through committees.  
  • Tourism Marketing Effort Advances - The House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development reviewed and marked up H.705 and included Governor Scott’s $1 million investment for tourism, economic development, and outdoor recreation marketing. An additional $500,000 for Vermont destination marketing is a part of this $1 million package. Individuals and businesses can join the Vermont Chamber are urging the Legislature to invest in Vermont tourism by signing a petition to show support of the increased investment.  
  • Student Debt as Opportunity for Worker Retention and Recruitment - The Senate Committee on Economic Development, Housing, and General Affairs is considering S.331 which considers multiple student debt-related measures that would attract and retain young professionals. 

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