Ilsley Public Library & MCTV Announce new Digital Media Lab

The Ilsley Public Library and Middlebury Community Television (MCTV) are pleased to announce “Lovin’ the Library,” an open house Tuesday, February 10, from 5 to 7 PM. Patrons and guests are invited to visit Ilsley Public Library and MCTV’s new Digital Media Lab to film brief Video Valentines in the new media production space, get a tour of the capabilities the lab offers, and meet with other patrons interested in “New Media.” The Digital Media Lab is located on the second floor of the library, off the Vermont Room. The Digital Media Lab has two primary purposes: 1) to support the creation of digital media, and 2) to support the digitization of analog audio, video, and photographic (print, negative, slide) sources. Equipment and software in the Digital Media Lab will facilitate video conferencing, Skype calls, podcasting, recording voiceovers, video editing, screen-casting, and hosting of Google Hangouts, as well as enable conversion of numerous analog media, such as LPs, cassettes, and VHS tapes to CD or DVD. The Digital Media Lab features an iMac workstation, studio grade audio recording capability, a reversible blue/green screen background, and turntable, cassette player, VCR/DVD deck, and scanner. Patrons can sign out the room key with their library card, and will receive a brief orientation and training on specific equipment and software prior to starting a project. Users of the Digital Media Lab are required to save their work on an external memory source. The Digital Media Lab is one result of a long-standing collaboration between Ilsley Public Library and Middlebury Community Television. In addition, Ilsley and MCTV runs workshops for students after school (Youth Media Lab), and video camps during school vacations and over the summer (Lights, Camera, Action!) that are offered free to students in grades 4+.