How to Hire A Middlebury College Intern Recap


Members of the Addison County Business Community came together this morning to learn how to hire interns from Middlebury College. Ursula Olender, Director of Career Advising and Employer Relations, and Dee Gilbert, Assistant Director of Employer Relations and Outreach from Middlebury College Center for Career and Internships put together a thoughtful presentation on the do's and dont's of a successful and meaningful internship, discussed learning goals, setting expectations, the role of a supervisor/mentor, and how to create and share an engaging internship job description.

If you are interested in understanding how a successful internship can benefit your business but missed our presentation, we have provided a link below. For more information, contact the Middlebury College  Center for Career and Internships at (802)443-5665. 

Link to Full Presentation