Host A Dairy Farm Tour


By inviting people to their farm, dairy farmers can help to connect with consumers and create positive interactions with the public. Farm tours have been shown to be one of the most effective ways to influence a consumer’s opinion about agriculture.  As consumers become more and more removed from the farm, it becomes imperative for farmers to provide consumers directly with good information about farm practices. Tours are beneficial and pose a real opportunity to enlighten a consumer about modern agricultural practices and potentially change a consumer’s opinion of dairy farming.

There are different types of farm tours:

  • small private tours (require less structure & allow for more personal interaction)
  • open to the public (can be sizable in terms of planning & work, but also in the number of attendees).    

Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) member Agri-Mark recently sponsored a farm tour workshop in New Hampshire helping to train dairy farmers from around New England.

For farm tour resources in New England contact Laura Hardie of the New England Dairy Promotion Board (NEDPB), at NEDPB is a farmer funded not-for-profit that partners with dairy brands, retailers, state government & farmers to create promotions, programs & events that promote high quality dairy products and help the public better understand where milk comes from in our region.