Green Thumbs at Work Grant Program

Over the past three years, the Green Thumbs at Work grant program—a collaboration between the Vermont Department of Health and Vermont Community Garden Networkin partnership with horticulturalist Charlie Nardozzi and Gardener’s Supply—has worked with 26 small Vermont-based businesses and organizations to establish workplace gardens for their employees.  The opportunity to garden at work provides fresh, healthy food to employees and their families, increased opportunities for physical activity and time spent outdoors throughout the day, and incorporation of wellness, camaraderie, employee engagement and community-mindedness into workplace culture.  

The Green Thumbs at Work grant program has demonstrated that gardening at work is more than a passing trend for employees. Grantees have included manufacturing facilities, natural food cooperatives, social service organizations, engineering firms and more—and these diverse grantees, through their new garden programs, are seeing real changes in workplace culture, staff morale and employee health.

The Green Thumbs at Work grants are open to any Vermont business or organization with 100 or fewer employees. The grant award includes $500 for materials, a Gardener’s Supply gift certificate, and garden planning support and technical assistance from Charlie Nardozzi and the Vermont Community Garden Network (VCGN).

The technical assistance provided through the grant program helps each business determine the type and size of garden that best meets its needs, and develop strategies to ensure the garden will be successful throughout the 2017 season and for years to come. Charlie Nardozzi and VCGN staff supports the sites through in-person visits and ongoing technical assistance. 

The application deadline for the 2017 Green Thumbs at Work grant program is Friday, February 10, 2017. For more program details and a link to the online application, click here or call (802) 861-4769 for more information.