Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative Creates Website

The VT Climate Economy Initiative is a program of the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD). By confronting climate change through innovative economic development, communities can be more competitive, build their reputation, create jobs, as well as attract youth and entrepreneurism. The Climate Economy Model Communities Program was launched to help communities build and implement plans that model state-of-the-art rural development in an age of climate change. 

The Greater Middlebury community was chosen last Fall as one of the first two VCRD Climate Economy Model Communities. The vision of this initiative is that by working together to achieve economic, environmental, and social health & resilience, this region will achieve deep carbon reduction while also supporting a thriving and inclusive ecosystem of businesses & institutions. As a result, this will be a place that draws in youth, retains families, and is a supportive place to grow old.

This local initiative is divided into four task forces all working on crucial parts of the overall vision:

The Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative recently created their own website: 

so regular updates with details on the progress of each task force can be provided.

Steve Maier, Chair of the Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative, recently contributed this community forum article about the status of the initiative. Click here for the full article. To get involved you can reach him by email at or by phone at 802-238-6699.