Full Sun Company Introduces New Oil Label

Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) member Full Sun Company announced the introduction of their new label Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed in Vermont. Their sunflower and non-GMO canola oils were introduced in 2014 and have always been 100 percent first cold pressed. They never use chemicals, don’t heat treat the seeds, maintain low temperatures through the entire process and their oils are unrefined, just filtered and bottled. 

After Full Sun Co-Founder & Head of Operations, Netaka White researched other craft oil-works in the U.K. and the U.S. that have been marketing their cold pressed, unrefined, untreated canola and sunflower oils as ‘extra virgin”, Full Sun decided that now was the time to distinguish their small-batch oils.

Except for a few other small-batch oil mills in the U.S., when someone reaches for a bottle of sunflower or canola oil, even if it’s “expeller pressed” and organically grown, the seeds that went into it have been pre-heated or cooked, the oil is chemically processed, refined at 190 degrees F., then bleached, steamed, and stored - sometimes for months, before being bottled and shipped.

Because of the gentle approach Full Sun takes with their oils, they retain all the fresh flavor, golden color, and the nutty aroma of the sun-ripened seeds. In addition, compared to extra virgin olive oil, Full Sun’s extra virgin seed oils have less saturated fat, the canola oil has 10 times the Omega-3, the sunflower oil contains 4 times the vitamin E, and it’s just 21 days from the press to the bottle and out to customers.

The new label highlights Full Sun Company’s unique offerings, with a classic bold font proclaiming its “Extra Virgin” and “Cold Pressed in Vermont” characteristics. Oil from Full Sun’s Non-GMO Project verified mill begins shipping with the new label on all bottle sizes starting in November 2016.