FREE Energy Visits for Addison County Businesses

Looking for ways to improve your bottom line without affecting your cash flow?

As part of the Greater Middlebury Climate Economy Initiative, Efficiency VT is offering Addison County Businesses FREE energy visits. For more info, click here.

  • Get a checklist of energy saving opportunities in your business
  • Find out about rebates & low-interest financing
  • It takes only 30-60 minutes

Entire business energy systems will be assessed and cost-saving opportunities will be determined from:

  1. industry-specific equipment 
  2. heating & ventilating systems
  3. water heating
  4. building features such as lighting & insulation etc.

There are often no- and low-cost process improvements that can be implemented right away. As part of their (no-cost) service, Efficiency VT provides calculations of the short- and long-term savings of upgrades, connects businesses with qualified contractors & high-quality products, cash assistance, and more. Working in partnership with fellow ACEDC members Green Mountain Power and Vermont Gas, Efficiency Vermont can help optimize how energy is used and identify the best ways to lower energy bills while helping the environment. 

Sign up for a free business energy visit here:

or call Efficiency Vermont Customer Support at (888) 921-5990.

This program is sponsored by the Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) and the Addison County Chamber of Commerce (ACCoC) as well as these ACEDC members: