First Addison County Kiva Zip Loan Approaches Deadline

The Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), Vermont’s only Kiva Zip Trustee, has endorsed the first Kiva Zip loan in Addison County for Caroline’s Dream, a handcrafted skincare producer based in East Middlebury.

Kiva Zip is a loan program within the global non-profit Kiva that offers 0% interest loans for small businesses and entrepreneurs in the United States through crowdfunding. Kiva Zip Trustees are individuals or organizations who recommend borrowers to the Kiva Zip program. Trustees are an integral part of the model because of their ability to vouch for an entrepreneur’s character and reputation. 

After an initial funding solicitation from personal contacts, the lending program then goes live for public investment for 45 days. The deadline for public crowdfunded loans to Caroline’s Dream is on May 9, 2016.

Susan Shashok is the founder and owner of Caroline’s Dream. She named the company after her grandmother Caroline who loved gardens, medicinal plants, and simple home arts. Susan started making her own skincare many years ago to protect her own skin from chemicals found in other products. She has a BS in Food Marketing & Agribusiness, extensive herbal training and many years of experience. Susan also serves an elected official on the Town of Middlebury Selectboard.

Caroline’s Dream is where quality ingredients connect with health and wellness. Products are handcrafted in small batches to ensure customers purchase fresh products. Ingredients, including local Vermont beeswax, are carefully sourced for their environmental impact and conformance to Paleo Certification. Skin is honored as the largest organ in the human body because what is applied to the surface of the body is equally as important as what is consumed within the body.

This Kiva Zip loan for $4,700 will allow Caroline’s Dream to invest in promotional materials and services in order to expand the market for its products, particularly for a new natural deodorant.

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