Agri-Mark Announces Senior Leadership Team


Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) member Agri-Mark, the Northeast dairy farm co-operative, announced new senior leadership positions. Ed Townley, Chief Executive Officer, announced two senior staff hires to fill vacancies created by his promotion. Matt Hendricks has replaced Townley as Chief Financial Officer. Completing the senior management team, Jeff Saforek, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer, overseeing Plant Operations, Sales, Marketing, Plant Logistics, Sustainability, and Quality/Food Safety. 

Agri-Mark farmers continue to weather volatile milk price swings behind the strength of its Cabot and McCadam branded products. The co-op is continuing to fulfill its mission of marketing all member milk, and is now investing heavily in each of its four manufacturing facilities to be able to handle the increased volume of local milk needed to support the continued growth of the Cabot brand. The cooperative is on track to deliver profits back to member farms in 2016.