ACEDC member WowToyz earns Parents' Choice Foundation Award

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Congratulations! ACEDC member WowToyz earns Parents' Choice Foundation Award                 


Smithsonian E-Z Build 3D Puzzle Kitswowtoyz award logo

Fall 2013 Puzzles

Ages: 8 & Up
Manufacturer: WowToyz
Price: $8.95

Smithsonian E-Z Build 3D Puzzle Kits are fun, challenging models of real animals. Both of the models we assembled (penguin and clown fish) were comprised of 18 rubber pieces with protrusions and recesses that fit together in surprising ways to create durable, realistic figures that hold tightly together. Instructions are on single 4" x 8" pieces of paper with a black and white photo of the animal and a black and white exploded view illustration of the model. It was somewhat difficult to match the pieces to the illustration, so evaluators treated them as puzzles and figured out how to assemble them by looking at the package photo and intuitively matching/assembling pieces until the models were complete.

Our evaluators, having done other Smithsonian 3D Puzzles, affirm that these puzzles last for years. They look good as new even after being assembled and rebuilt hundreds of time.

Don and Ellie Homce   ©2013 Parents' Choice
Don and Ellie Homce, parents of two sons, are science professionals. Don’s interest in "all things mechanical" and Ellie’s in art, geology and chemistry make them skillful Cub Scout leaders.

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