2020 Week 3 Legislative Update

 - Highlighting demographic challenges and workforce investments, the Governor gave his Budget Address on January 21. Click here for the transcript or VPR audio. Click here for media release.  
- The budget request includes an additional $500,000 for tourism, a "new" $3 million investment incentive for "regionally-significant" employers, and a $3.5m "Clean Grid Modernization Incentive" (See attached ACCD legislative Initiative document.
- House-Senate compromise on Paid Family leaves passes. Likely to be vetoed.
- House-Senate compromise on Minimum Wage is $12.55 by 2022. 
- Act 250 and "Global Warming Solutions Act" testimony continues
- 13 Senators propose "Green New Deal" that raises $30 million in income tax revenue by raising the tax rate for those earning greater than $200k 
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